Vicent Calbet Riera

Calbet Riera, Vicent (Ibiza 1938 – Japan 1994)

Vicent Calbet Riera

Outstanding student of Agudo Clará at the Escola d'Arts i Oficis d'Eivissa, he will continue his studies at the Escola de Belles Arts de Sant Carles de València, where he will come into contact with Gothic painting and the mysticism that most late transmitted to his work. He will travel and expose by names Spanish and European cities, and will continue to form-se and absorb different tendencies at the end of his life. Oil and wax are the predominant techniques in his work and his style is usually expressionist, since he is also an abstractionist. The work of Vicent Calbet gaudeix d'un prestigi deserving, he is going to get various guardians and he is considered the great innovator of Ibizan painting. In 1962 he will participate in the foundation of Grup Puget.

Vicent Calbet Riera


Boat and shadows